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DU Football Show

Jun 30, 2020

Drunkard United recaps and analyzes all 13 games from last week’s English Premier League matches.  Liverpool won, and Evertonian supporter Sam Huston has to give them their due.  Chelsea vs City was the match of the week, no one in the bottom seems to want to stay up, and the guys are still losing money on their...

Jun 23, 2020

We finally get the end of week 29 of the English Premier League, and Sam Huston and Sam Graham watched every game of week 30.  They cover all twelve games, they have both already lost their bets, and they still find time to check in with the Belarusian league.     

Malort shots are back!  When one of our clubs lose a...

Jun 19, 2020

Producer Mel finally produced us something; an interview with a professional footballer.  Sam Huston and Sam Graham talked defender Vitali Trubila of our new favorite Belarusian Premier League team, the FK Slutsks. 

Since we got up early for the call, we are drinking Bloody Mary’s made with Pau Maui Handcrafted Vodka,...

Jun 16, 2020

English Premier League is finally restarting, and the Sams couldn’t be happier!  They preview their 5 must see matches, discuss the controversial League 1 decision, and make their bets for this weeks game.

To honor the occasion, the team is sipping on WhistlePig 15 Year Old Vermont Oak Estate Rye, and drinking Sloe...

Jun 9, 2020

We are getting close to the restart of English Premier League, and the Sams discuss their watchability, they catch up on the Man City arbitration, transfers and rumors.

Is Gin and Tonic season!  We are drinking Wigle Ginever fin with Fever Tree tonic.

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